Drawing exhibition “Os Guardiões do Invisível”

Posto de Turismo de Fátima

06 out


26 nov

We are returning to “normality” after a period of time that invited us to stop and contemplate the emptiness. In those moments of silence and isolation, I connected deeply with nature and with stories that came to me from various places. Through fantasy, imagination and dreams, I began to see and talk to the Guardians of the Invisible. I call them this because they whisper messages in our ears through the silence and because they show us their beauty through what is often invisible to human eyes.

For me, they are also the guardians of inspiration and wisdom, from which I drink and transpose onto paper as best I can, their appearance often becoming a synthesis of all that they really are. This exhibition brings together a group of guardians, along with their messages, in order to inspire everyone to remember the essence and simplicity of BEING.

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